(Collaboration Enabled Information Technology Service Management)

An evolving horizon

CEITSM (Collaboration Enabled Information Technology Service Management)

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While revolutions in communication and service management automation have enabled a far more mobile and efficient Information Technology Service Management, effectively marrying these key technologies has not always been easy. Companies have found it difficult to leverage all the traditional and ever-increasing new communication and collaboration channels within their processes. When decision points in processes require human intervention, the inability to immediately locate, communicate with and capture responses from a highly mobile workforce and customer base creates latency that slows down processes and increases costs and risks. In addition, an inability to streamline the process of delivering routine notifications and inquiries has increased costs as expensive skilled resources must be used to track down the right people, deliver the message and obtain the required responses to move the process forward.

Collaboration-Enabled IT Service Management (CEITSM) removes latency in the execution of automated Information Technology Service management. By integrating CEITSM with unified communication and collaboration services, CEITSM eliminates the wait each time a human decision is needed to drive a process forward. With CEITSM, an automated process can invoke the appropriate communication and collaboration services whenever human decision-making is required. These services engage the user(s) who must participate in the process, providing automatic notifications over the users' channel of choice and enabling them to respond through any channel so that the process can continue with minimal interruption.

CEITSM Solution:

The solution delivers all of the key capabilities required for CEITSM including:

Furthermore, the solution would reduce the risk, time and total cost of ownership for companies who implement the solution by rendering the following capabilities