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Berns's primary goal is to execute a project that meets the Clients’ objectives for throughput capacity and quality of product. The detailed engineering and design phase is a key step delivering capital projects. We develop plans to ensure that the designs reflect Client requirements and facilitate construction of facilities meeting our Clients’ strategic objectives.

Berns's conceptual design capabilities align each project's function, scope, cost and schedule with Client objectives to optimize project success. The conceptual design phase offers the best opportunity to assess business, commercial and technical risks; and to improve our Client's return on investment.

Other conceptual design services include feasibility studies, project-development planning, technology evaluation and recommendations, modular construction options, risk-management assessment, global sitting, financing planning, constructibility reviews, asset and life-cycle optimization and front-end engineering.

As a result of decades of executing complex projects, our technical experts have developed innovative design solutions, some of which have been patented and being deployed on projects.

One example is Berns's 3rd Gen Modular Execution, a patented design approach employing methods and work processes to assure modularization drives the layout. Clients benefit through project cost savings, cost and schedule predictability and reduced schedules by performing construction activities in parallel at the site and at the module yard.

Constructibility, Maintainability and Operability (CMO) Reviews
CMO Reviews highlight, address and resolve issues early in the design process for an efficient design and construction process, minimizing overall project cost.
Reviews focus on:

  • Constructibility
    The reviews for constructibility highlight any construction approach issues in the design to optimize the project’s quality, safety, capital cost and construction schedule. Maintainability and operability input is provided by the Client. Client expectations and requirements are established during the Client Alignment session.

  • Maintainability
    The review for maintainability addresses issues during a project's design phase associated with completing expected maintenance tasks, including factoring reliability and maintenance considerations into the design basis, establishing processes ensuring minimal impacts associated with maintenance and prestart-up maintenance planning.

  • Operability
    This review, similar to maintainability, focuses on minimizing post-startup life-cycle costs of a plant and addresses plant operation, logistics and support issues during a project’s design phases.

Value Engineering Reviews :
Berns applies value engineering to projects at all levels of project execution. Value engineering reviews employ proven techniques at multiple design phases, with the primary objective of reducing cost without compromising project quality.

Plant Operations Safety Reviews (HAZOP Reviews) :
HAZOP reviews ensure critical safety and operating characteristics are addressed for safe and proper functioning of the completed facility.

Inter-discipline Reviews (Squad Checks) :
Internal reviews confirm necessary interfaces occur between the various engineering disciplines assigned to the project.

Model Reviews :
Model reviews, conducted with the Client, verify the design accurately reflects the detailed definition of the project scope of work and design input requirements. They are held at approximately 30, 60 and 90 percent of design completion.

Technical / Peer Reviews :
Technical / peer reviews may be conducted on critical items, or when the design is based on new technologies or products that have not been previously demonstrated as effective. The reviews are performed by individuals with knowledge of the area under review or by a qualified, independent organization.

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