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Internet of Things & Robotic Process Automation

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"Internet of Things" has the potential of changing almost every product we use and make data not only a critical business asset but also a line of business. From aviation to agriculture; logistics to leisure; transportation to technology; healthcare to housing – IoT will rapidly become the ubiquitous enable of better products and enhanced customer experience. It also means that businesses will have to change the way they operate, which may even entail a radical redesign of the business model.

The areas that "IoT" can impact your business include inventory management, product performance and customer behaviour. The flipside is that this will trigger a veritable data tsunami which will have to be effectively managed to identify and extract relevant actionable insights. Our "Internet of Things" Practice can guide you along the entire roadmap from idea to proof-of-concept to implementation with industry-specific end-to-end solutions.


Machine Automation

Using the integration of machine vision and motion, Robotics and AGVs (Automated Guide Vehicles) can reduce dependence on manpower, reach lean production and even unmanned production. The system includes:

Equipment Monitoring & Optimization

The production line allocates automatic detection systems such as AOI, ATE and visual detection equipment, which improves test efficiency and product quality.


Factory Energy Management System

Though IoT technology, the Factory Berns Electric system provides the optimization of energy supply and consumption to reduce CO2 emission and factory operation costs. The system includes:

Machine Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Sensors can be used to constantly monitor essential production line equipment and the production status and data can be recorded and transmitted in real-time to the cloud for predictive maintenance analysis to increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs.