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Our organization is comprised of a team of highly skilled professionals, clearly defined work strategies, financial and technological resources, and a solid integrated management system within Berns’s operational, financial and budgetary control systems, allowing for real-time control of project logistics and financial activities.

Berns today is a consolidated and flexible organization with real possibilities to execute projects of considerable relevance and magnitude, and capable of delivering optimal results.

Berns's corporate statement, "The Best You Can Find On The Solution," represents our goal and attitude to always strive to achieve "The Best Solution," as we continue to change and grow. It is a statement that promises "The Best Solution" to our customers by the initiative of each and every one of our employees, who seek to improve themselves by aiming for "the best," and daily aim to "improve technologies, services, and creativity," as stated in our corporate philosophy.

Our engineering experts and product managers possess industry-specific knowledge of best practices, trends, and regulatory issues and specialize in customizing manufacturing and business systems, combining products, optimizing networking, and more

At Berns, our approach is simple:

"We begin with your challenges and end with your success".


Berns upholds fundamental values that guide our policies, operations and decisions in any activity. These core values are shared by every member of the organization.

Berns’s code of ethics and values allow us to build long-term relationships with our key audiences. These relationships are based on respect, trust and value creation.


To be a multinational company in engineering, procurement and construction with operations in the Industry markets of South east Asia Nations.


Berns will continually improve its technologies and services by applying creativity to all aspects of its business. By doing so, we enhance the quality of live in our society. To this end, all members of Berns will pursue the following Seven Guiding Principles

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